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How to file a complaint for cybercrimes?
Crime in general can be understood as any act declared unlawful through the law of the nation. When such an unlawful act is committed through technical...
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What are the legal grounds for divorce in India?
There are two kinds of divorce in India. Since two parties are directly involved in a marriage, their agreement to separate is called mutual consent divorce....
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What to do if loan agents are harassing me?
There are numerous cases of the oppressive and illegal conduct of recovery agents attempting to recover pending dues for the banks’ benefit. In the...
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How is child custody decided in India?
After a marriage breaks down or ends up in separation of spouses, the person who gets affected the most is the children who is born out of the marriage....
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What are the essentials of a contract?
The Indian Contract Act, of 1872 defines the term “Contract” under its section 2 (h) as “An agreement enforceable by law”. In other words, we can say that...
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What are the GST rules for start-ups and small companies in
Your annual turnover must exceed ₹40/20 lakhs to be eligible for GST registration. You must offer products and services across state lines or through an...
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